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This is what happens to an artist who is obsessed with fish.

All my life I have had a passion for fish. As a kid I would fish as often as possible. Then I switched from catching fish to keeping them in aquariums. (A lot of them, mostly cichlids.)This went on for almost twenty years before I switched back to fishing. I now find that if I’m not out on the water catching them, I’m at home making them. Some day I’ll see the Doc to find out why I’m so addicted to fish. Until then, this is my therapy.

Each fish is unique in that it is hand carved from wood, hand painted and signed. With special attention to capturing the characteristics of a species. The majority of the fish I make are carved from pine. Their dorsal and anal fins are carved from poplar. The back of the fish is flat, with a hanger attached.


The shaping of the fish is done with a grinder and carving tool. Shaping the fish may make me feel like a sculptor but the magic really starts after the fish is carved and the painting begins. Each fish is painted with water based acrylic. The under coats are applied and then the fish is detailed out with an airbrush. After the fish is painted it is protected with several layers of water based gloss urethane.

I try my best to keep each fish I display in stock but some times I just run out. Especially during show season here in Florida. Any fish that I have in stock is available at my etsy site. If the fish you want is not in stock, I can make it for you in two to three weeks. I also love to make custom orders so if there is a specific species or size fish you want, please feel free to ask.

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Del Calhoun


Oh yeah, did I ever mention how much I love top-water fishing

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